Your dollar counts. Did you know most research foundations invest only a small percentage into actual research? 90% of WCRF donations go directly to research.

Your dollar counts. Did you know most research foundations invest only a small percentage into actual research? 90% of WCRF donations go directly to research.


     Stella Rascon was an inspiration to everyone she met. Dr. Micha met Stella 23 years ago when she was referred to him for treatment of 2 simultaneous gynecologic cancers. She underwent surgery and radiation therapy and was cured. For the next 23 years Dr. Micha and our staff enjoyed seeing Stella for office visits. It was always uplifting to the staff to see her and her daughters.

     Stella was alert, active and had a good quality of life until she passed away peacefully at 95 years of “old age”. We are attaching a copy of her church service life story. We had no idea what a turbulent and amazing life she had. This even increases our awe at Stella’s positive attitude towards life. She is an inspiration to all of us.

The Life Story of Stella Rascon

On May 21,1923 a strong and loving angel graced our world- we all know her as Stella Rascon. Stella spent her childhood in Anaheim being cared for by loving parents and looked after by an older brother, Raymond. When Stella was just 4 years old God blessed the Macias’ family with another little girl- Artie, whom Stella adored and cherished.

At a young age, Stella learned how to be strong and persevere through trials and tribulations. When Stella was 10, her mother was with child and due to complications Stella lost both her mother and sibling-to-be. Stella and her sister were sent to live with their grandmother in Los Angeles. The carefree days they had come to know in Orange County had come to an abrupt end. 

Stella learned the beauty of Christianity from her Catholic School days and knew the hardships of being orphaned, which ultimately led her to work in a Catholic orphanage. In the orphanage, she worked alongside the nuns caring for the children and doing monotonous chores. Eventually, Stella left the orphanage and started a career as a laundry worker and joined the Laundry Workers’ Industrial Union and eventually attained the rank of company supervisor.

If Stella was not at work you would find her on the dance floor. She loved to dance to the tunes of Glenn Miller and it didn’t hurt if her partner was a man in uniform. Stella ended up marrying a man in uniform, a true American hero, Frank Rascon, and together they started a new adventure.

Frank and Stella were devoted to each other through better or worse, in sickness and in health. Frank Rascon was a Prisoner of War, which came with many health complications and a lifetime of silent suffering. During their marriage, Frank was faced with medical hardships and was unable to work for a time due to an amputation of his right arm. Stella willingly became the provider of the household, in a time when it wasn’t acceptable for women to be the breadwinners. They put aside their pride and worked through the many challenges that life presented.

Together they raised two beautiful daughters- Cynthia and Kathleen. Stella adored her daughters and was a devoted homemaker. She vowed to be the best mother she could- and she was certainly that- since she had lost her own at such a young age. Not only was Stella a mother to her daughters, she was a mother to many, which is how she earned the title “Mother Goose”. She lived up to her nickname “Mother Goose” by making sure that everyone who walked through her door enjoyed her delicious cooking. Stella enjoyed her life as a wife and mother and took tremendous pride in that.

Once the children were gone she and Frank were left to grow old together and they did, up until 1995 when Frank went to be with the Lord. Stella was heartbroken, but had little time to process his passing because she was diagnosed with cancer within two days of Frank’s passing. Stella thankfully beat cancer, with the help of her family. 

Stella lived 23 years after becoming cancer free. During those years, she continued to cherish her role as Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Friend, Kiwanian and Cook. She blessed everyone she met with her wit, joy, charm and love.

On Friday, May 25th, Stella passed away peacefully in the presence of her daughter, Cynthia and grandson, Matthew. She was able to say goodbye to her loved ones before passing and is now in perfect communion with her Heavenly Father. It is with great joy and pain that today we say our goodbyes and celebrate a life well lived. 

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